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Kuipers Shipbuilding

All about innovative shipbuilding

We hope this site will tell you more about the goals and ideas of Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. and give you an overall impression of the company.

Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. believes that the customer is the most important source of information when we start on a project. That's why the vessels we build are designed to the clients' specifications, subject of course to prevailing rules and regulations. We are however always available if a customer wants more information on what is possible.

Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. was established as a shipbuilder in the early 1990′s. Since then, it has developed into a medium-sized enterprise which has a strong reputation based on the quality and durability of its products. Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. has quite a few vessels on its order books.

Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. has an enthusiastic and motivated team who put in 100% each day. The company plays a key role in the shipbuilding industry, and in innovations within the sector.