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Quality and professionalism with a personal touch

Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. was established as a shipbuilder in the early 1990′s. Since then, it has developed into a medium-sized enterprise which has a strong reputation based on the quality and durability of its products. Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. has quite a few vessels on its order books.

Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. has an enthusiastic and motivated team who put in 100% each day. The company plays a key role in the shipbuilding industry, and in innovations within the sector.


In addition to trustworthiness and a common sense approach, another core value of Kuipers Shipbuilding B. V. is innovation. We strive each day to be innovative by broadening and refreshing our knowledge and putting into practice what we have learned.

Corporate social responsibility

As well as its commitment to innovation, Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. is also pursuing the goal of sustainability and striving to make a responsible contribution to society. This is reflected in our current operational approach and in the innovations we are making in the maritime sector. Kuipers Shipbuilding B.V. will play a progressively important role due to its goals and commitments. This is a responsibility we take extremely serious.